PhD Research Fellowship available in Digitalization and Entrepreneurship

A PhD Research Fellowship in Digitalization and Entrepreneurship is currently open for applications. The position will be based in the Digitalisation research group.

The position arises from the many uncertainties (e.g. from behavioral changes in markets) faced by digital ventures that operate multi-sided market businesses. This calls for a critical study of different approaches and design principles in order to manage such digital transformation. The position aims to contribute both to the micro-level processes and the macroeconomic implications for the business scale.

“The research can address not only the strategic questions for managing the entrepreneurial digitization process from a resource-based view, but also study the design principles of collective response management that involve behavioral changes towards digitalization for both users and creators.”

The candidate is expected to work with new and industrial digital ventures for data collection, in addition to conducting empirical work in these themes. The position is for a 3-years period, with the possibility of a 1-year extension for teaching, supervision, and research assistance. The application deadline is February 29th.

More information about the position and on how to apply can be obtained through this link and by contacting associate professor Yangyang Zhao.

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