Upcoming course in Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights

The course Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights (ENT9800) will be offered for PhD candidates and postdocs at the beginning of this year. The course is facilitated by Associate Professor Elin Kubberød and Professor Truls Erikson.

The course aims to bring the dynamics of innovation and how these can be formulated and implemented: from science-based technology to the marketplace. Organized in the form of seminars, ENT9800 offers the participants an opportunity to discuss commercial aspects of each research field through a series of classroom discussions. The course consists of five seminars organized from 25 February to 29 April 2020. The seminar Developing and protecting Intellectual property will take place at Inven2, a Norwegian company in the field of research commercialization.

PhD candidate Alice Frantz Schneider took the course in 2017:

“This course provided an ideal environment for me to think strategically when connecting my research project with possibilities for commercialization. In addition, it gave me the opportunity to meet experts in the field of innovation and to learn about some of the possibilities of commercialization in Norway. I highly recommend it for students that consider taking their research ideas to the marketplace”, she says.

More information about the course program can be obtained through this link.
Students can register until 31 January by contacting Professor Truls at trulser@ifi.uio.no.