Participation in the Workshop on Organizational Stigma

In September, Associate professor Birthe Soppe from DIGENT participated in the Paper Development Workshop on Organizational Stigma at the IESEG Business School in Paris. She presented the paper “A horse of a different color: How entrepreneurs use design and location to overcome stigma by association“, developed with her co-authors Raissa Pershina, PhD student at DIGENT/UIO and Santi Furnari, Professor at Cass Business School London.

The paper is a qualitative case study about Atari, an entrepreneurial firm founded in the 1970s and the inventor of the first modern video game product called coin-op video games, which kickstarted the coin-op video games industry. At that time, Atari’s products were highly associated with the stigmatized pinball-amusement industry. The paper investigates how Atari and its founder Nolan Bushnell engaged in efforts to overcome this stigmatization throughout the early years of Atari’s emergence.

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