DIGENT establishes collaboration with blue chip corporations on master’s education

A student life in the blue chip companies Telenor, Schibsted, DNV GL and EVRY is now a reality for second-year Master’s students in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and the Business Development track of Digital økonomi og ledelse. The University of Oslo has entered into a new type of collaboration with these companies on the execution of significant innovation projects, as part of these Master’s programs.

Jens Petter Falck, Associate Professor and Program Counselor for one of the master’s programs, points out the importance of the projects:

“Through this collaboration, we gain access to high-quality relevant projects, and students get to experience the culture of innovation within large organizations and attractive potential employers”.

Organized as a mandatory course, ENT4460 Corporate Entrepreneurship Project, student groups operating as project teams will each carry out a predefined innovation project of significance within one of the corporate partners during the fall semester physically located at the respective corporate headquarter.

“The students at UIO will give us an opportunity to get new thoughts and ideas, in addition, I am sure they will learn a lot from experienced Telenor employees. This is a great opportunity for both Telenor and the students, and we really appreciate that they want to spend a semester with us at Fornebu”, says Petter-Børre Furberg, CEO of Telenor Norway.

The purpose of the course is to build the students’ in-depth understanding and hands-on experience with developing new or improved products or services within an established company. The first edition of the course is now well underway with the innovation projects.

“Through our collaboration with UiO, ties to the university are strengthened, and not least, we can ensure that research is directed towards areas of societal and business-critical importance in the future”, says Sven Størmer Thaulow, Schibsted’s Executive Vice President of Data & Technology.

According to the four corporate partners, this is the first time they have entered into a collaboration of this nature. You can find more information in the corporate homepages of Telenor, Schibsted, DNV GL and EVRY.

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