UiO’s first greenhouse gas accounts, the Strategy 2030 and the Rector’s challenge

The University of Oslo (UiO) has presented, for the first time, its greenhouse gas accounts. Launched in May this year, the report presents the climate accounts of UiO for 2018 with a total estimated of approximately 68 000 tonnes of Co2 equivalents (CO₂e). The contributions are divided between travel and transport, energy consumption, consumables and inventory, operations, services, building-related maintenance, and waste. The largest contribution to the university’s greenhouse gas emissions is from the category of travel and transport (with 21 200 tonnes CO₂e), followed by energy consumption (with 13 800 tonnes CO₂e) and consumables and inventory (with 10 400 tonnes CO₂e).

The climate accounts include the emissions in a life-cycle perspective, with both direct and indirect emissions. It can be used both to identify climate measures on the overall level and also to help to prioritize specific areas. The report is part of the ongoing process of Strategy 2030, a work effective from 2020 until 2030 and led by pro-rector Gro Bjørnerud Moe. For more information, please visit the UiO’s page for employees on Ongoing Projects. Strategy 2030 aims at answering questions such as:

What role should the University of Oslo take in the years to come? How should research and education be organised to meet the challenges in Norway and the world? Must the University work in new ways?

The active Strategy 2020 can be found here.

In order to reduce UiO’s climate footprint, the competition Rector’s Challenge 2019 currently invites students to submit ideas on how to cut emissions. The assessment criteria will take into consideration the possible effect, the degree of innovation, and the possibilities of sustainability and scaling. The application form can be filled here and the deadline for submissions is October 1, 2019. Prizes go up to 10 000 NOK, and the winners will be announced in December.

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