Participation at the ECIS 2019

Kristoffer Fossum, Egil Øvrelid, and Alexander Moltubakk Kempton, all from DIGENT, presented research at the 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2019) in Stockholm, Sweden. The papers covered the tracks Digital Transformation in the Public Sector, Health Information Technology and IS for Healthcare, and Research Methods and Philosophy.

The paper “From Recombination to Reconfiguration: Affording Process Innovation in Digital Infrastructures” has been written by Øvrelid and Kempton. By questioning how can a digital infrastructure afford process innovation, the study brings an in-depth case study at a Norwegian hospital that has gone through a large-scale digitalization and innovation project.

Egil presenting at the ECIS 2019

The paper “Adaptive Networked Governance of E-health Standards: The Case of a Regional Health Information Infrastructure in Norway” was also presented, written by Fossum, Fossum, Hanseth, and Sanner. The paper investigates the governance of e-health standards in one health region in Norway and provides a standards governance model.

The other paper presented at the ECIS 2019 by a DIGENT member was “The Digital is Different: A Realist Reinterpretation of Sociomateriality”. Written by Kempton, it builds on a critical realist position centered on the concept of emergence to discuss the implications of strong sociomateriality.

Professors Bendik Bygstad and Margunn Aanestad also participated at the ECIS 2019, as a member of the Research in progress chairs, and as a faculty in the doctoral consortium, respectively.

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