Frilux Fram: an exploratory, future focused, and strategic design approach

DIGENT PhD candidate Sumit Pandey is organising an exhibit of design concepts from Frilux Fram, one of his ongoing projects with the digital services department of the library, exploring possible near-futures of digital services in the year 2025. The intent of this exhibit is to share outcomes from his work with future-oriented strategic design. The event is taking place on Thursday, June 14, from 12:30 – 13:30 at the design lab on the 7th floor at IFI. All welcome.




Entrepreneurship research workshop at Ghent University, Belgium

On May 7-8, 2018, the entrepreneurship research cluster was invited to join an exciting workshop at Ghent University on multidisciplinary perspectives on entrepreneurship – organized among others by our affiliated colleague Mirjam Knockaert. We therefore traveled to Belgium, where we presented and discussed several of our studies, among others on crowdfunding, prototyping, and technology transfer ecosystems. Ghent presented itself from its best side, sunny and warm, and we enjoyed a well-organized and insightful workshop.

20180508_122451 copy

Steffen Korsgaard, our affiliate, presenting his paper on prototyping (above). Matthew Good and Mirjam Knockaert enjoying the social part of the conference program – a boat trip through Ghent (below).

20180507_184644 copy


Strategic Management Society Special Conference on Sharing Strategies for the Connected World

Big data and digital technologies have an impact on the modern workplace and organizations at large, and specifically on firms’ sharing and collaborative strategies, challenging the viability of traditional business models. Innovative sharing initiatives such as crowdfunding, open innovation and cross-functional collaborations putting into question our current understanding of innovating, problem solving, and organizing. The SMS conference, hosted by BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, June 7-9, 2018, provided an important arena for us to share and learn about novel conceptions of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Raissa Pershina and Birthe Soppe were accepted to present a joint research project titled “What’s in the Toolbox? Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Creation of New Digital Products” and enjoyed constructive discussions at the conference. The abstract of the presentation can be found here.

20180608_150645 copyRaissa Pershina presenting her research at the SMS Special Conference in Oslo on June 8th, 2018.

The Long Tail in the ICT Design Space

On June 8, DIGENT’s PhD candidate Ines Junge participated in a poster competition for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo. The poster is described here.

The idea of the Long Tail was first described by Wired editor Chris Anderson. He wrote later a book about it. Ines uses these insights to look at the mobile phone market and to map and categorise alternative mobile phone designs.

Poster_Longtail__IJ_300518 (1)